After many years of training professionals in the field of child development I realized that parents deserve to have the same knowledge required of teachers. I see parents becoming empowered with access to information that gives them the clarity and strategies used by thousands of successful educators. My own experience as a young mom was both a joyful and challenging adventure, and I realized that the power of our beliefs and emotions is a driving force behind many typical parenting mistakes. I’ve come to the conclusion that any parent who is truly committed to creating authentic, mutually respectful relationships with their children can make it happen.

Parents want to raise children who are happy, healthy, responsible, empathetic and successful adults. The debate about the most effective way of accomplishing this is cause for confusion, especially when children are created with so many different patterns of responding to the world.

While there is no perfect way of parenting or teaching, there are Best Practices that have been proven to work. With a little bit of information and a desire to put new strategies to work you can become clear and confident as you compassionately establish healthy boundaries and follow through with validating messages.

In addition to the traditional wisdom that helps us understand how to meet the developmental needs of children, my work integrates the latest developments in brain research, spiritual enlightenment and the energetic law of our Universe. If you are looking for a ‘magic wand’ that can transform your relationship with your children you will find the formula that works miracles.

*Do you want to be a conscious parent who makes deliberate choices about the messages you give to your children?

*Are you ready to shift the limiting patterns of ego and spirit that keep you stuck in daily power struggles?

*Would you like to connect with your children in a way that eliminates the need to control, punish, blame or shame anyone?

*Do you recognize your ability to be guided by an Inner Wisdom that will continually lead you to make decisions orchestrated from your highest self?

My work is unique because I integrate over forty years of professional childhood educational knowledge with my personal journey of spiritual development. Understanding how energy works has transformed my concept of what it means to be an empowered parent and while my expertise is not in telling you how you must do it; I give you the tools to discover your own potential. My greatest joy comes from helping parents connect with the wisdom of the ages as well as the wisdom of their hearts.

Working together, I can help you unlock the power that transforms parent-child relationships.
With love and appreciation,